Internally, CMS Admixture, Inc., “An Affiliate Of Barrier One, Inc.”, describes itself as an “education company” that happens to produce an award winning, moisture vapor reduction, shrink reducing, ASR inhibiting, corrosion impeding and concrete strengthening admixture. 
CMS has recently created a revolutionary new formula that produces profuse
Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) without the use of sodium silicate.
This complex new prescription for all concrete uses; salt environments, bridges, roads, marine ports, interior and exterior slabs,
infrastructure projects, etc; etc; promises to transform and elevate concrete to a neoteric, never economically achieved level.
CMS Admix is not like any other product…not like any other company…that you’ve ever dealt with.
CMS Admix provides the technical support, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and onsite training for
CMS Admix products and conducts hundreds of continuing educational programs (AIA/CES HSW approved) each year.
We will be pleased to share our expertise with you, as well as to help you incorporate CMS Admix into your 03 and 09 Divisions.

Keep your focus on the customer…the building owner…and everything else becomes easy.
CMS Admix is the cubic yard solution to a square foot problem. 

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