CMS moisture vapor reduction admixture was developed by a dedicated group of chemical engineers, concrete quality control professionals, and flooring experts to facilitate owners, architects, general contractors, and the entire project team to eliminate costly, inefficient, flawed moisture vapor emission testing and unnecessary topical moisture mitigation applications. To maintain demanding project schedules and to remain on budget. The product, CMS MVRA works in normal as well as lightweight concrete by restricting the integral capillary system and eliminating the route of moisture vapor emission movement out of the concrete.

As an admixture, it is integral to the concrete, not surface applied, it will not interfere with the bonding of adhesives suitable for non-porous substrates, resinous coatings roofing membranes or cementitious underlayments. In short…if it sticks to low porosity concrete, it sticks to CMS MVRA dosed concrete!

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Award Winning

- 2012 NOVA award (Construction Innovation Forum), in recognition of proven cost savings and quality improvement on actual projects

Removes Project Liability

- Unmatched comprehensive "life of the concrete" warranty when specified
- Unmatched project specific quality control process
- Unmatched adhesion guarantee
- Most cost-effective approach of mitigating liability due to concrete moisture
- ZERO moisture vapor emission flooring failures

Reduced Construction Cost

- Requires no further field moisture testing, but if conducted, warranted up to 100% RH per ASTM F2170 and/or 25 lbs per ASTM F1869
- No financial catastrophe due to forced remediation and lost opportunity cost

Improved Slab Properties

- Certified shrink reduction admixture (SRA) per ASTM C-157
- Certified alkali silica reaction (ASR) inhibitor per ASTM C-1260

Reduced Construction Time

- Requires only 1 to 3 days curing with plastic sheet or waterproof paper
- Install slab coverings (flooring or roofing material) in as little as 9 DAYS after slab placement, assuming all other conditions for installation are met
- No project delays due to moisture vapor emission

Ease of Use

- Easily dosed, delivered and finished
- Completely compatible with normal and lightweight mix designs
- Compatible with all floor coverings, adhesives for non-porous substrates, coatings and roofing membranes


- Contributes several points toward LEED Certification when used in a system
- Contains Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
- Requires no special handling or equipment